1. Solar dependency for lighting solution. Developing solar station at North and some area of South Pole i.e. ‘Shackleton Crater’ for eminent continuous power supply during long lunar nights.

2. Big budget to get all arrangement at lunar base for permanent settlement for human being at lunar colonization.

3. Lack of basic elements in volatile state such as Nitrogen & Hydrogen. Carbon is also not found in proper volatile state as it is heavily required to form volatile oxides. The carbon and Nitrogen were found in cold trap as ice. Thus, for healthy settlement at lunar colony we required to import them from some other source to support life & industrial process.

4. Low Gravity at moon i.e.1/6g of earth is enough to cause physical disorder to people of lunar colony. Weightlessness can causes loss of bone and muscles mass and a depressed immune system.

Thus, in lunar colony all efforts are used to make use of centripetal Force rather than gravity by constructing slops on surface area to maintained healthy settlement.