1. Lunar colonization will lead to the live environment for space exploration with engagement of different peoples & students thus, lead to the development of high technology workforce that will be required to address the challenges of tomorrow.

2. Test technologies, systems, flight operations and exploration to reduce the risks and to increase the productivity of future mission to Mars and beyond. 3. Economic expansion beyond the boundaries of earth will lead to the prosperity in home planet i.e earth.

4. Rocketry at lunar base is beneficial because of less gravity i.e 1/6g of earth. Thus, less propellant help to decrease the cost of launching.

5. As moon is nearer to earth, thus time of sending products & permanent settlement at lunar base is economically beneficial than any other celestial body.

6. Low transmission time, help to get quicker response not within lunar colony but also from moon to earth or from lower earth region to moon.

7. Study of solar & space bodies from moon base are easy & economically feasible. Concept of healthy Lunar Observatory is only possible with permanent settlement at lunar base.

8. As from lunar base, earth looks much bigger & brighter approx 60times the moon seen from earth. Thus, it feels less remote to people going to settle at lunar colony.

9. Abundant raw materials like Silicon, Iron, Alluminium and Carbon help not only to develop infrastructure for Lunar Colonization but also help to earn revenue by exporting these materials to earth or other orbital colonies.

10. Energy generation at Lunar Colony is easy and feasible due to proper availability of sunlight at pole region and also with process of nuclear fission.